Who We Are

At IdentiQ Finance, we believe entrepreneurship is the lifeblood of the American economy, and we exist to empower entrepreneurs. In other words, we’re experts at breaking through the unique barriers to sustainable growth emerging companies face. We ARE entrepreneurs, so we know the value of straightforward advice and swift transactions. IQ clients deal directly with our principals – real people, not bureaucratic credit committees. In the end, we succeed as you do, by providing the working capital needed to take advantage of your company’s opportunities..

Why we are different

An insightful partner you can trust.

IdentiQ Finance is a team of entrepreneur-to-entrepreneur problem solvers—experts with decades of experience crafting personalized lending solutions that drive profits.

IdentiQ Finance has significant capital commitments from its partners, including a strategic relationship with the Garrington Group, and a large institutional line of credit.  As a result, you can benefit from a long-term focus and the infrastructure to deliver scalable financing as you grow.

At IdentiQ Finance, we are committed to serving a historically under-served market, and our focus is on building a diverse portfolio using a relationship-based sourcing model, with established referral sources, and comprehensive due diligence.  We believe today’s economy is attractive for our products and services due to a large and diverse target market and a very active non-bank lending environment. 

We are definitely not another “me too”, and our clients generally always have a competitive advantage in their respective markets.  Some are unique, some are industry leading, some are real game changers; and all are IdentiQ Finance.


What we offer

Flexible and customized financing solutions from a partner you can trust.

What to expect

Fast underwriting and fast decisions.

  • No bureaucracy. No red-tape. No surprises.
  • Direct collaboration with our decision makers.
  • A dedication to service over self-interest.
  • A portfolio management team that understands your needs.
  • Total commitment to your company’s success.

Entrepreneurs who run emerging and high-growth companies are delivering that growth in spades through innovation, execution, and determination. But they need capital to make it happen, and that’s where we come in. IdentiQ Finance is a reliable financing partner that provides customized solutions to your daily needs.

We know that you have your own story and your own mission, and we’re here to help you achieve your goals.